Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My rant about the Queen of Wands

Just look at her. The Queen of Wands. Why does she annoy me so much?

It could go back to high school. Possibly even earlier. The Queen of Wands, to me, is all those pretty, popular girls who got all the attention for being beautiful, athletic, and extroverted. Everything about them seemed both perfect and FALSE. And they all seemed to have a supreme confidence  that the adulation was deserved, the proper order of the universe, taken for granted.

To me, the Queen of Wands is imperious, arrogant and superficial. MUST be the centre of attention--loudest soprano in the choir, the one who twirls the flaming batons in the marching band, the cheerleader who is on top of the pyramid at the pep rally, the girl with the shiniest car, the most expensive shoes, the sparkliest class ring, the handsomest boyfriend, the deepest bosom, the clearest skin. She would look right through us little peahens in the hallways, wouldn't give us the time of day.

And there I was, squinting at her, muttering to myself, shuffling along in the hallways listening to her braying 'social' activity; always with my nose in a book or scribbling in a journal, hanging Greenpeace posters in my room. To her, I was weird. To me, she was nauseating. Everything about the 'popular' girls made me want to vom. I wasn't a Goth but that was only because it was 1983 and the Deep South, where clearly all them Goths was goin' to hell.

I got older and the Queen of Wands was on my TV. Reading the news, leading the cheers at football and basketball games, walking up the red carpet with her lips botoxed out like a blowfish, pouting and preening and drawing attention to herself. She was in my workplace, flirting with the boss, stomping up and down the hallways in silly high heels, checking her fingernails and hair. Making promises and then 'delegating' the work. Bragging about her husband's job, her house, her busy schedule.

Legacy of Divine
I associate the Queen of Wands with all that is bullying, superficial, self-absorbed and attention seeking in the female. Everything that makes me sick about certain types of extroverted, rah-rah women. Motivational speakers, certain movie stars, women who use their looks or sexuality for advancement in life. Anything that I perceive as fake or 'glamour', style without substance, a veneer of niceties over an inner core of selfish motive, that's the Queen of Wands for me.

I have to force myself to look beyond this when doing a reading, but my knowledge of her positive attributes is academic only. My personal reaction to her is...gag!

But then -- I am a Queen of Swords. Put my shadow side against her shadow side and of course we would loathe each other.

Which card could you rant about? Why not have a go? I love a good rant.


  1. i must admit, i never really though of her this way, but if any queen would represent that type, i guess it would be this one :0

    knight of cups tends to remind me of icky men who come on too strong and don't respect boundaries :/

  2. Yes, Knight of Cups is another annoying one. Mooning about writing poetry and lurking under bedroom windows.

  3. Hilarious post! OK, will definitely do my King of Cups rant, though I doubt it will be as amusing.

    And I agree, the Knight of Cups annoys me, too. In fact, I'm not too keen on the Queen, either. Hmm, a pattern perhaps ;D

  4. Great Rant!! I totally see it!

  5. Good lord. The Queen of Wands and I have much more peaceful relationship now.


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