Monday, 17 September 2012

What does the King of Cups mean in my life right now?

Alison at This Game of Thrones asks a new moon question: What does the King of Cups mean in your life right now?   For her, he means to 'go with the flow, endeavor to be kind and considerate, accept people and be diplomatic.'

What does the King of Cups mean in my life right now?

Michael Landon 
In my tarot courts world, the King of Cups is epitomized by Charles Ingalls from 'Little House on the Prairie' -- or at least Michael Landon's portrayal of him on the TV show. In most episodes, Charles has at least one scene in which he is overwhelmed by the beauty of life and/or the goodness of his fellow man and has a teary-eyed close-up, usually with a wry grin twisting one side of his mouth upward. Though his faith in the world and in man had been tested through the episode, at the end, everything works out. He knew it would. I thought for a long time about what TV/Film character to attach to King of Cups, and finally realised that he fits my idea of this tarot court character very well indeed.

Prairie Tarot 
What does the King of Cups mean in my life right now? It's telling me to be willing to reach out to other people. Don't be suspicious of people. Even if you feel the world's let you down, it's still more good than bad. Don't be so self-absorbed that you can't see other people in the world. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, and allow some of those feelings to be good ones about humanity. Be on the lookout for stories of triumph of the human spirit, and don't be so cynical about them! ('Oh, they always tack those on to the end of the news to try to make us feel better after spending the last hour telling us the world's going to hell and we're too broke or bent to fix it'...)

Give in to joy. It's okay. Be happy. Just stop being so analytical, critical, cynical and Queen of Swords-ical!


  1. Charles Ingalls!!! Looooove it!

    Ali x

  2. That's such a lovely, positive take on the King of Cups! I often have a rather negative take on him, but that's probably cos my dad was a KC Rx...

    Good luck reaching out a bit more ;)


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