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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Decorating update

The dining room is nearly done. Here you see the new colours of yellow and orange, and I've added a new second-hand dining set and some white Ikea shelving units. 

Those doors that I was going to paint green you'll see are now both gone, and I've hung a groovy bamboo curtain over the cupboard door so I could place a shelf unit in that corner. 

I bought some little feet to go on the shelves to give them more of a finished look, and also so they can be adjusted to make up for wonky flooring (80 year old house). 

You'll also note the 1930s mirror and the Staffordshire dogs I got for my birthday! 

There's a bit more decorating to do in there, but that's pretty much it. :) 


  1. What a lovely home you are creating, Carla. I especially like the autumn orange that contrasts with the pale yellow. :)

  2. Hey! We have an 80 year old house, too. I love the colours, and the way the orange matches the Staffordshire dogs' muzzles. They look perfect there. As does that gorgeous mirror!

  3. We just got some new sofas (the old ones had so many body fluids on them from the past 15 years that it really didn't bear thinking about). We went for a teal colour, with cushions that same kind of orange as your feature wall :D