At this website you can: 
  • see tarot in action on a day-to-day basis in the hands of an experienced card reader
  • get to know the person who reads the cards for you

Launched in 2010, Rowan Tarot contains hundreds of readings, essays about individual cards, reviews of books and decks, spreads and layouts, tips and techniques for readers and tarot enthusiasts, and more. If you want to learn more about cards, or if you are a customer who wants to get to know me better, this is the place for you. If that sounds good, please check out the sidebar and follow me on Facebook, add me to your Google + account, and/or join this site.

Learn about the cards

You'll find plenty of Card of the Day posts as well as longer term explorations of the cards and one-off features, such as:

Sample Readings 

Ten Things I Used to Think about Tarot 

and more...

Have your cards read today

You can order a card reading here. The cards tell a story that you can apply to your life. Working from your question, I will translate the images into words for you. I have helped people with their career paths, their relationships, their jobs, their marriages. There is no question that the cards cannot offer insight into. You can order with confidence that you will receive a complete service including initial consultation, reading, and follow up. Please read Ethics, Terms of Use and Feedback for more information. 

Who writes this blog? 

My name is Carla, and I started reading tarot professionally in 2010.  I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and a TABI Endorsed Reader. 

In addition to my tarot business, I work full time in a book-related field. Most of my tarot reading gets done on weekends or evenings or in the wee small hours of the morning when the sane are still in bed snoozing away.

I enjoy writing reviews of decks and books -- I'm ranked as a 'Top Reviewer' on Amazon. (Look, Ma... I'm a top reviewer!) I've also written reviews for the TABI blog,  Aeclectic Tarot, and of course here at Rowan Tarot. Your examination copies are most welcome. 

My first encounter with tarot came about in my late teens, when a friend asked me to keep a deck for her in my home because her own parents would not approve. (We lived in the Bible belt, long story). I was curious, so I waited until I was alone in the house, took a sneaky look at the book and deck, drew a few cards, read the meanings in the book and got extremely freaked out by how accurate it was. I phoned her and asked to come take it away! I didn't think about tarot again for 20 years, until I bought a tarot deck because a journal I was using had a page in it called 'Card Spread'.  And I thought 'What's a card spread? I need to check this out.' Since buying that first deck, I have studied tarot intensely, and it has taken me on a journey I could never have imagined when I was 19. (But then, a lot of things about my life I could never have imagined.)

This is what I'm all about:  delving into the cards on a daily basis, and reading cards for others. 

You can join in with me here by clicking in the side bar to add me to your Google + circle, join this website, and follow me on Facebook. See you soon!

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